Ninmedia Indonesia

“Every breakthrough in the history of human kind, every breakthrough in your life started with someone standing on their own two feet and saying something is possible” – Bix Bickson –

Ninmedia Indonesia was established in September 2013 by a group of professionals who have spent their whole career in media, technology and in some media technology relevant industries, a group of professionals who equipped with abundance experience and extensive network of the industry who has gone through the industry journey and has witnessed and learnt from the rise and fall of Indonesia’s Media industry.

It was established upon major desperation upon industry growth stagnation which has been last for two decades and keep wondering on why the industry players has not yet realize that convergence transformation has been started, and the Pay-TV business and service was experience major changed, and the existing Pay-TV Business Model is no longer suitable to take down the market and the good things is happen when Indonesia economic is on the rise, the establishment of new Pay-TV Business Model can be a possible breakthrough as well as industry game changer to break the ice of stagnation.

Until now, the new Pay-TV players are keep jumping into the same red-ocean market and following the path of industry main-stream, they entering the battlefield to seek win with only understanding that the market is still at very low rate of penetration and still widely open for any new players to jump-in and there will still remain enough “cake” for everybody.

Those above-mention reasons has been underlying the establishment of Ninmedia, with vision to transforming Indonesia media broadcast industry, Ninmedia is the way to be part of game changing process.

Ninmedia Indonesia focus it’s business and service to become “function-support” in media and broadcast industry, especially in Pay-TV industry by providing Business & Management Advisory & Consultant services for industry players, in order to help them defining, redefining, as well as aligning industry business direction to be integral part in the whole Media Technology Convergence era.

Through decades of experience in the media technology and related industry, combine with management extensive network, and supported with in-depth understanding and broad knowledge of the industry, covering: Understanding on Market, Business & Service Expansion Strategy, Financial Planning, Business Valuation, Restructuring, Merger and Acquisition of Media Business, System Integration, Technology Evolution in both IP and Broadcast, System Setup, Operation Management, Capacity Planning, Disaster & Recovery Plan, Diversity & Redundancy Management, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Finance, Legal Compliance on Media Industry, as well as Business Preparation which cover establishment of Business Model Framework, Business Plan and it’s component, includes Setting up a Start-up Media Business.

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